Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday I wrote a quick post about my home improvement efforts. Today I get to show you how my beloved husband trumps all my efforts.

Our home when we bought it:

And as of ten minutes ago:

Note the new railings (not quite finished -- we have to paint them) and this weeks' work -- the new retaining wall (one week!  It took me about the same amount of time to strip the fireplace).

Here's a close-up of the retaining wall (for you, Mom!)

I'll take a little credit in the fall, after I get some plants in and soften the lines a little, plus adding color.  But my beloved definitely trumps me on the home improvement.  Fortunately, I can cook, so I win indoors.

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  1. Y -
    Your house is beautiful. What a fabulous job W has made of it. The retaining wall is a great addition too.
    Well done!