Friday, August 30, 2013

This Wondrous Now

This wondrous now
is time suspended.

You still hold my hand
when we walk to school
though you now look me
straight in the eye.

You laugh at my jokes
            turn to me for advice.
The eyerolling has yet to start.

Sometimes my words
seep out of you.
My guidance
has stuck, somewhere.

I am reassured.

I hold now
fast in wonder
At my lovely boy
nearly a man.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Cemetery Interlude

I went left as my children went
right through the waving
unkempt grass shrouding
bones beside a road in New England.

Stones tilted toward
me gently reminding
that we tread ground once
hallowed by death, if not God.

Roots twined through remains
whose names were long ago
smoothed by rain and blown away
by a kiss of wind.

My little ones galloped over
the silent graves indifferent then
clambered into the truck continuing
our long day’s journey into night.

From a prompt in the Poets of G+ Community, requiring that I use the phrase "Long Day's Journey Into Night"

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Estate Planning

Two dozen graying
cotton pillowcases are
uncloseted for the first
time in twenty-five years
by a woman
Who has grayed as well.

With inexplicable purpose she
          hangs them to dry.

Once inspected they will be
folded along old lines
by creased hands
and tucked away

for good.