Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Coal Train

Diesels bay at 3 a.m.
as they prowl railyards
on the north end of town

A screen lights the kitchen
half-cleaned, still
fragrant with cumin and onions

an update chimes:
the rodeo queen has shared
another picture of her boys

Facebook maps a diaspora 
coal-dusted children

poured like mine tailings
from the Valley down the 
slopes of the Rocky Mountains

Goodbyes trace like fireworks
the explosion at the mine
blew out the heart of our town

Iron wheels clatter in time
with breakfast pans. Men
descend into the seam
the whistle of the coal train

Poets of G+ Challenge: write a  poem the starts at the end and moves toward the beginning


  1. This is a really nice poem, Yanna. Next time you're in Carbondale you should meet up with our Carbondale poetry workshop and/or the Aspen Poets' Society monthly open mic (next one on Sunday, 8/24),

  2. That's an interesting challenge you responded to in this poem. It's sort of a whole "deductive versus inductive" reasoning thing, eh? Terrific story told within your lines.

  3. I'm back to say thank you for the comments on my road trip posts--and to yell I DIDN'T REALIZE YOU LIVE IN DENVER! There's something about fellow bloggers where I often don't fully register where they live unless they make it the focus of their posts. Duh.

    Anyhow, our road trip actually took place in July, so I'm blogging it after-the-fact. I've realized over the years that my blog is a good place to record things I'd forget otherwise, like things my kids have said, so these posts are entirely self-indulgent!