Friday, August 30, 2013

This Wondrous Now

This wondrous now
is time suspended.

You still hold my hand
when we walk to school
though you now look me
straight in the eye.

You laugh at my jokes
            turn to me for advice.
The eyerolling has yet to start.

Sometimes my words
seep out of you.
My guidance
has stuck, somewhere.

I am reassured.

I hold now
fast in wonder
At my lovely boy
nearly a man.


  1. you are a word master.
    I so enjoy reading you.

  2. I'm living at this spot with my daughter right now; she's 13 and is definitely "separating" (as she should), but she still seems to enjoy me and hanging out together, so I'm treasuring that. My 10-year-old still lets me link arms with him as we walk home from the bus stop. *happy sigh*