Friday, June 28, 2013

Sounds Heard on a Friday Summer Night

A/C cranks loud
drowned by wind chimes
that tease in gusts.
Neighbors are drawn out
on stoops and sidewalks
to stare at the sky
with vague desperation
and "storm"
is whispered
with superstitious glances
at a tumbling gray sky.
Thunder rolls.
Sashes squeak upward
to catch every cool breeze.
In the sudden absence of compressors
supper talk leaks
from dining room windows.
Texts trumpet
heralding approaching relief
street by street reporting
drops have fallen!
Impatient rustle of leaves
spatters that dry without witness
follow the advancing line of hopeful
Creaks and rumbles echo across
the sky until the sound 
is dampened by the patter of

written in response to a prompt on G+

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