Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am inspired by:

Stories of women who came before

Pioneers who made layers of sod
into homes
Cozy with lamplight
despite curious crawlers
Who ventured in
and were swept out
With the dust that sifted down.

Homesteaders who stood against wind
That threatened their sanity
But instead was christened (Mariah)
And became a companion
against the loneliness.

Mother and daughter
Who drove Pegasus
(an Apperson known affectionately as Peggy)
Across a desert of unmarked prairies
Through towns ghosted by influenza
and war
searching out a way to serve

By a single mother who
Refused pantyhose and pencil skirts
A steady paycheck
A husband!
Choosing instead
The unsung path to business woman

I am inspired by
My roots

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