Sunday, August 1, 2010

Contemporary Art a la Five Year Old

Actual transcript of a conversation with V as she was getting into the bathtub tonight:

Mom: "Why do you have green marker all over your bottom?"
V: (grinning) "I was making a peanut!"
M: "A peanut?"
V: "Yeah! A peanut with my BUTT!"
M: "A peanut with your butt?!?"
V: "Yeah!"
At which point girl-child sat down on the bathroom floor and mimed tracing her naked cheeks with a green marker.
V: "I sat on a piece of paper and made a peanut. Then I cut it out!"
She then raced (naked) out of the bathroom and returned, triumphantly, with her peanut.

I think I should apply for an arts grant for her, don't you?

the peanut in question

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