Sunday, January 24, 2010

Putting on a different hat

I went out for coffee tonight with my friend Leslie. She's a musician, and is taking a break from her day job to immerse herself in her passion. She was gracious enough to approach me as a creative person rather than the pragmatic mother-of-two personality I usually wear, and it was delightful to stretch my imagination. The walls of the coffeehouse were hung with bright, intriguing paintings, and L suggested we write responses to two of them. It was such a different activity for me. Recently I have silently mourned the loss of creativity in my life, fearing that it was dead, but I am reassured tonight that I suffer only atrophy and not true death. I get caught up in the cut-and-paste crafting of early childhood; I must reach beyond that and allow myself to play. Hopefully that will revive a part of me I thought lost. In the meantime, perhaps I can find a more interesting use for popsicle sticks and yarn fragments. We'll see.


  1. Yanna -- our time hanging out tonight had the same effect on me! Thanks for sharing your creativity (: I look forward to reading more of your blogs, and am waiting with bated breath to hear what uses you might find for the popsicle sticks and yarn!! By the way, it's okay to immerse in the world of early childhood -- your kids (and I mean yours specifically, as well as kids in general) are one of the best sources of inspiration for creativity...

  2. I concur... I may not have biological kiddos... but the ones I work with are a constant source of inspiration. Don't mourn. Flourish.

  3. As one who has known you in high school, I can vouch that you are creative, Yanna dear. Not just in art, but also in thoughts. Creativity doesn't die just because you haven't exercised it lately. I eagerly await anything you choose to share of the output you produce, be it art, poems, etc.